Educate to creativity



What is creativity?

It is a way of thinking that in doing itself a process through associations of ideas, concepts and events develops new ideas and concepts, inventions, discoveries, works. It is creativity that has allowed individuals to develop and to make use of an amount of specific capacities and that has allowed mankind to advance gaining knowledges, producing culture and performing more and more complex activities.

Against common sense, creativity stands out from what is merely original, strange, weird or  transgressive, defining itself as capacity of human being that finds in its environment possibilities and opportunities of nurture, development and production.

Within this perimeter and with the goal of defining some features  and  modes of expression  of creativity we wondered what the rules of creativity, its processes and features of identifiability are, and which are the differences between creativity, originality and innovation.

We wondered whether creativity is a technique or a simple mode of expression of the self and whether creativity is a simple activity aimed at self-gratification and as such recognizable, or whether it presents characteristics that makes it such in reason of the outside-shown produced object.

If creativity is, not only an innate skill, but a cultivable and “favourable” skill in the individual life environment is it conceivable an education to creativity and which can be its striking features?And what role do education, scholastic and extra-scholastic agencies play?

We reflected on the memorable and significant experiences (the experiences in infancy); on how important it is to give tools that allow to speak of strategies that permit to reduce starting situations  of disadvantage  toward the free expression of people and on how educational relationship can be a field of creativity expression.

In the end we wondered what creative thought is and how it can be useful in a homologated and standardized context of social existence. - XVIII - 2

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