The partnership with CREMIT (Center of Research on Education for Media and Information and Technologies) of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan foresees, within the framework of a three-year framework agreement, a research project and the definition of paths training courses that allow the activation of good practices with regards to the pedagogical and didactic use of digital in the 0-6 age bracket. The main idea is not only to use digital media in a purely technological sense, but rather according to a logic of convergence of different aspects typical of the contemporary, first of all the concepts of participation and interactivity, as well as the continuous redefinition of the relationship between formal and informal learning environments. In this perspective, training, methodological and didactic courses will be activated, based on a conscious and articulated use of the opportunities offered by digital media so that they are complementary to the typical practices of the nursery and nursery school, and with reference to the structured skills of the staff educational both on management and organizational practices, and finally as a perspective of integrated communication with families and in general with the outside world.