The partnership provides for collaboration with the aim of developing joint research initiatives to understand the role that new technologies and robotics can play as mediators of learning.
The MOBOTS Group, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Stripes Digitus Lab aim to promote synergies and appropriate interactions between different research groups dedicated to doing research on the use of new technologies and to contribute to international research and to develop tools that can facilitate the planning of educational interventions in school and extra-school contexts.
The partners want to identify and promote the appropriate concentration of technological and human resources that, thanks to a shared environment and the availability of the currently existing tools – otherwise not accessible due to their costs and the necessary specialist skills – can obtain competitive scientific results and excellent at national and international level.
It is also our interest to lay the foundations for a shared evaluation of the interactions and tools necessary for the development of research and / or educational support programs.
These objectives will be achieved through the development of training packages based on the Thymio robotic platform, the administration of training packages and questionnaires on educational content, the collection and analysis of data related to training and subsequent production of scientific publications.