Poppy Station

Stripes Digitus Lab is a member of Poppy Station, an association that brings together actors from the world of economics, research, education, culture and education who consider robotics as an opportunity when it is mastered and at the service of man. This ecosystem was created and developed by the Inria Flowers team, with the aim of facilitating the experimentation and creation of innovative robotic tools in the fields of education, research, the arts and education.


The partnership provides for collaboration with the aim of developing joint research initiatives to understand the role that new technologies and robotics can play as mediators of learning.
The MOBOTS Group, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Stripes Digitus Lab aim to promote synergies and appropriate interactions between different research groups dedicated to doing research on the use of new technologies and to contribute to international research and to develop tools that can facilitate the planning of educational interventions in school and extra-school contexts.
The partners want to identify and promote the appropriate concentration of technological and human resources that, thanks to a shared environment and the availability of the currently existing tools - otherwise not accessible due to their costs and the necessary specialist skills - can obtain competitive scientific results and excellent at national and international level.
It is also our interest to lay the foundations for a shared evaluation of the interactions and tools necessary for the development of research and / or educational support programs.
These objectives will be achieved through the development of training packages based on the Thymio robotic platform, the administration of training packages and questionnaires on educational content, the collection and analysis of data related to training and subsequent production of scientific publications.


The partnership with ISTC-CNR The Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council foresees research and experimentation projects based on a five-year agreement.
The collaboration will see, among other activities, a project on swarm theory through the execution of a university panel that provides, through the Thymio Collective Decision Challenge (TCDC), the implementation of an educational game that allows a group of children to deal with a thorny question: to make a collective decision, trying to accommodate one's own preferences to those of others and minimizing the time available.
Through the TCDC we offer an educational experience that allows children to understand, through the game, the complex dynamics that are behind a collective decision, and that allows to demonstrate how relatively simple beings like bees can have complex decision-making behaviors.

Digitus Camp 2018

Discover our summer camps in Milan for children, girls and boys from 8 to 14 years

Five weeks dedicated to coding and robotics, full of ideas and discoveries; a unique experience in which to meet technology by playing.
Five weekly technological camps that will take place from 18th June to 20th July at Stripes Digitus Lab, in the spaces of Cascina Triulza, inside MIND Milano (Ex Area Expo 2015).
Children will be offered learning time, practical technological laboratories, games, outdoor moments and artistitic and creative workshops.
Each participant will receive a nice DIGITUS KIT to be used during the campus activities and a logbook: you will have the opportunity to really feel part of a project and imagine yourself as real scientists, inventors and programmers.

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